Jesus: Star of Bethlehem

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder if I’d lived in the time of Jesus if I’d have missed it. Would I have seen him and known to follow him? How about this star? They said it’s as close/similar as it’ll ever be to how it was (on June 17, 2 BC) when it announced the birth of Christ.
When you looked up and saw that star tonight, did you say WOW!!! I think I’ll follow it to Bethlehem because it’s pointing to Jerusalem and that must mean my savior has come! Probably not. Me neither. Instead, I caught myself saying, “It’s not that big or bright. Doesn’t really look any different than any other star”. Isn’t that the point though? We KNOW about it. We were told it was coming. We were told to watch for it. Then when it was revealed we didn’t find it remarkable. Just like they didn’t find Jesus remarkable really. He didn’t look like what they were expecting either. They thought he’d be brighter and more regal. There has to be something more to this if we are going to understand. Enter the Holy Spirit.

When God gets ahold of you and whispers to your heart, when He saves you from you, when He loves you in spite of all you’ve done wrong, He stirs something in you that helps you look on the tiniest, most distant and ordinary things and they become so remarkably beautiful. Once that happens, I don’t believe there is any possible way we’ll miss Him. 

Be thankful that you have the chance to look upon something with your very own eyes that no other generation besides Jesus’ and ours have had the privilege of beholding. Isn’t that crazy? It’ gets brighter the more you believe. Look again. He’s coming again. Don’t be distracted, disappointed or deceived. Don’t miss Him!



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