Today I Choose

Today I am choosing to LIVE on PURPOSE.

Today, I will focus my energy, desire and hope on what the Spirit is willing to do through me instead of what the flesh is weak enough to do to me. 

Today, I choose to silence regret, defeat, grief, disappointment, lack, uncertainty. I choose to silence the voice of anyone who chooses to speak those things to me or those whose life physically, thoughtfully or prayerfully touches mine.

Today, I am humbled at the feet of my Mighty Servant King. Not because I am weak or a beggar. But because that is my God appointed Position of Power. From there, I go where He wants me to go, I stay where He is and I am held mercifully below the schemes of the enemy by the Presence of His Love.

Today, I choose to Live ON purpose. To be ABOUT purpose. Even if I don’t know what my purpose is in the big picture, I trust God to have placed me in the perfect environment to bring His purposes to bear upon every moment of time.

And today, I choose to allow myself to stand restfully still and be loved by Him, because I can’t make time stand still for the ones I love, but I belong to the One Who Can.


(Isn’t God just so crazy amazing?) ❤


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